By-laws of The Independent Journalists Association Of Vietnam

By-laws of The Independent Journalists Association Of Vietnam


* Viewpoints:

The Independent Journalists Association of Vietnam (IJAVN) should be one of the many civil society organizations in a socially progressive, democratic and pluralistic, civilized and prosperous Vietnam.

The Independent Journalists Association of Vietnam aims to create an intellectual and healthy living environment for our members, especially young writers, in order to promote the freedom of expression and freedom of the press.

The Independent Journalist Association of Vietnam does not discriminate about political views, religion, gender, age; and irrespective of nationalities, regions, domestic or overseas; these folks would voluntarily commit themselves to a true spirit of democracy, people’s happiness and press freedom.

* Principal activities of the Association:

– Periodic and unscheduled news information and current affairs sessions. Share and discuss directions and writing topics.

– Organize seminars and workshops on topics of social and national importance.

– Developing a young journalist force to succeed the older-generation journalists.

– Speak up promptly on the cases of people and journalists being abused.

– To transfer hot-button issues of the country’s urgent affairs to the international media system.

– To link and cooperate with non-governmental organizations in the international press.

– Operate an online media site for journalists and independent collaborators.

* Activities’ guiding principle:

The Independent Journalists Association of Vietnam is based on effective organization and teamwork, maximizing individual responsibility so that the Association can contribute to societal effectiveness without being dependent on formality.

Association is founded on democratic principles:

– Free flow of information; discuss and vote freely; delegate tasks; monitor and report on tasks.

– Decision by consensus or by majority votes.

Association is organized on the spirit of voluntarism and discipline:

– Respect for individual dignity and freedom of each member.

– Respect collective decisions.

– Respect members whose work are delegated.

– Execute and report on assigned work.

The decisions that are achieved through one-person-one-vote have the highest value. The majority is made up of more than half of the valid votes.

* Membership:

Members must have at least 5 published works appropriate with IJAVN’s criteria.

Members are guaranteed the rights to freedom of expression in all matters concerning the Association.

Any member can decide to withdraw from the Association amicably.

A member may be expelled for disciplinary action for going against the Association’s stated purposes.

* Organizational Structure:

The highest executive organ of the Independent Journalists Association of Vietnam is the leadership committee, which includes the president and several vice presidents.

The leadership committee is delineated by task and by region.

On behalf of the membership, the leadership committee makes decisions, supervises and monitors program implementation.

The leadership will vote to set up rules and regulations for activities as needed.

The initial term the leadership committee is 2 years. The end of the initial term, members will make decision on next term.

Issues and matters regarding personnel, leadership and professional committees, and web pages can be arranged, adjusted depending on the situation and as requested by the President of the Association.

In the events of force majeure or reasons beyond his control, the president of the Association cannot perform his/her duties, the Standing Vice President will assume the administration of the Association. If the Standing Vice President also cannot run by reason outside his/her control or force majeure event, the Vice president shall be authorized to manage the work of the Association.

* The chapters:

In the first stage of operation, the Independent Journalists Association of Vietnam has 3 chapters:

– North

– Central

– South

– Overseas

The headquarters of the Independent Journalists Association of Vietnam is in Saigon.

* Professional Committees:

In the first phase of operation, the Association initial will have these professional committees:

– The Association Office

Persons in charge: President, Permanent Vice President, expert.

Events and Training Department:

Persons in charge: Vice President and expert.

International Relations Department

Person in charge: Vice Persident, organizing member, expert.

Web Department:

Persons in charge: Appointed by President after reference with the board of directors.

The professional committee can enlist the cooperation of all members and friends.

Human Relations department and the duties of professional departments, web pages can be arranged and adjusted depending on the situation and as requested by the President of the decision.

* Finance:

Members voluntarily contribute.

The Association welcomes financial contributions from philanthropists in the country and abroad for use in its common goals and charitable programs.

Saigon, July 3, 2014

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