(VNTB)-Báo Tây Ban Nha viết về Hội Nhà báo độc lập Việt Nam

El Universal 11/8/2014 Un grupo de periodistas vietnamitas crea el primer diario independiente Aunque 35 millones de vietnamitas se conectan a la red de manera habitual, el presidente de la... đọc thêm »

(VNTB)-Phạm Chí Dũng trả lời ABC về báo giới độc lập ở Việt Nam

(VNTB)-Journalist Pham Chi Dung talked to Auskar Surbakti (ABC TV 24 Australian world news program The World 28 July 2014) about the suppression of freedom of the press in Vietnam.... đọc thêm »

FVPoC: Open Letter to Australian Ambassador, Diplomat Representatives of European Union, Canada, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland and US

Translation by  Trang Thien Long Tell the World (DTD) CTNLT | 29/7/2014 Re: The Vietnam government prevented former PoC Pham Ba Hai from attending “Seminar: Non-state media in contemporary Vietnam” in Hanoi. To:... đọc thêm »

(VNTB)-What government leaders of Vietnam ordered to prevent citizensfrom meeting UN Rapporteur?

Author: Pham Chi Dung   Translated by Trang Thien Long July 27, 2014. Ho Chi Minh City Department of Police and some local policemen barred some pro-democracy activists from going... đọc thêm »

Vietnam Pro-government Abuse Reports Lock Activists out of Facebook

by Vu Quoc Ngu Many Vietnamese activists and political dissidents have claimed that their Facebook accounts have been shut down by Facebook’s administrators based on fake reports from government-supported cyber... đọc thêm »

RWB hails creation of Vietnam’s first Independent Journalists Asociation

Published on monday 7 July 2014.   With many members, including well known journalists, it intends to defend detained colleagues, train young reporters and operate a news website. Reporters Without... đọc thêm »

Declaration to Establish The Independent Journalists Association Of Vietnam (IJAVN)

How would the Press and journalists raise their voices according to the true sense of the word “freedom”? How would the Press – once established – carry out its true... đọc thêm »

By-laws of The Independent Journalists Association Of Vietnam

* Viewpoints: The Independent Journalists Association of Vietnam (IJAVN) should be one of the many civil society organizations in a socially progressive, democratic and pluralistic, civilized and prosperous Vietnam. The... đọc thêm »

RFS – Information Hero Pham Chi Dung

Like others who have seen nomenklatura corruption up close, Pham Chi Dung returned his party card. Instead he devoted himself to writing and developing a critique of Vietnam’s political class,... đọc thêm »
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